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Help Jamila and Her Five Daughters

Dear friends,

I hope you don’t find this intrusive and please do not feel any obligations. I am asking without any expectations as I always find it awkward to ask for money, even when it is for someone else, but two fabulous women in my neighbourhood (Mij and Sue) who have been supporting refugees for many years have asked me if I can help spread the word about supporting an Afghani woman called Jamila to come to Australia with her 5 daughters.

We need $30,000 to pay for the immigration and legal fees here in Australia.  That’s either 100 people donating $1,000 or 300 people donating $100, or anything in between. So far, a few of us have donated $1,000 but we need more people to get on board.

I hope you can help. I have included some information below. For me it is a small way I can contribute to fighting the Taliban and secure a better future of these six women.


Cheers, Janet Giles. 

Here is the Circle of Friends Donation Form 



Sue Webb and Mij Tanith are reaching out widely to a number of individuals and community groups for much-needed support for a project they have undertaken.  It is a Community Sponsorship Program for an Afghani (Hazara) single mother with five young daughters. Her name is Jamila. The aim of the program is to bring Jamila and her girls to Australia. 


Jamila was a teacher in Kabul, and lost her job when the Taliban rose again to power. Her husband also lost his job, and began working as a lorry driver in the provinces. She has not heard from him for over 12 months. She assumes he has fallen victim to the Taliban. This is a pretty fair assumption, as Hazara people, an ethnic minority in Afghanistan, have been the subject of persecution and genocide for decades in their own country. And now, with the Taliban in power, Hazara men are being systematically taken away and killed. 

Life is not much better for those who survive. Afghanistan is in chaos. In one of the coldest winters the country has ever known, starvation and death are commonplace.

Jamila escaped from Kabul, and is now living in Iran - a case of “out of the frying pan, into the fire”. She has reached out though international Hazara networks to a refugee contact here in Adelaide. And that contact asked for our help.  So here we are.

 Mij and Sue have verified Jamila's story, and have taken on the task of working with a migration lawyer from The Australian Refugee Association. The financial cost is around $30,000. That doesn’t include air fares, should the application to bring Jane and her girls to Australia be successful.  

If you want to talk with them about anything then you can contact Mij Tanith on 0405 086 533 or

Anyone wishing to donate financially - all donations are handled by Circle of Friends Australia, and are tax deductible. This organisation has no paid staff, and its only expenses are bank fees. Apart from these fees, every dollar donated reaches its target. A form is attached if you would like to donate.

The Circle number (115) and the destination (Jamila), are already filled in, so all anyone has to do is add their name, email the form to Bruce, and transfer their donation to the account mentioned.  Here is a Radio Adelaide interview at Radio about this project.

Mij and Sue

Jamila (003).png

An update......

Mij and Sue are pleased to report that due to everyone's amazing support everything is now in place to meet all the requirements of the Community Support Visa.

Messge from Mij....

"And so …  on to the next step. The lawyer has arranged interviews.  The interview will be in English. if Jamila’s language skills are up to par, then the next step is to embark on the formal visa application process. According to SSI, most applications take several months to process, and the time will depend on a whole raft of different factors. We are just hoping that the application will be successful, and that Jamila and the girls will be here by the end of the year.


Of course, apart from the initial expense, we will need to find money for any medical fees, exit permits from Iran, air fares (we estimate the 6 airfares will come to around $13,000 or $14,000, depending on when they travel). So my thinking is we may need as much as an additional $16,000 to $18,000.

Not a lot if you say it very quickly."


To help raise this money, an event has been planned for the 22nd April. - see the flyer below and don't forget to

book at

looking forward to seeing you for a great afternoon. 

Limited Time Only

A wonderful warm winter escape fund raiser

Thankyou to all of you wonderful supporters who have donated or attended fundraisers so we can support Jamil and her five daughters to come to Australia and live in safety where they can all have a secure future and prosper.

The visa process is well in hand and Jamila is practicing her English so she can pass the immigration language process.

We have formed a small Circle of Friends (Circle 108) to coordinate support and fundraising and our next target is to raise money for airfares.

SO….. Please come along to a Very Unusual Bizarre on 12 August 10am – 4pm at the Goodwood Theatre and Studios, 166 Goodwood Road, Goodwood.

It will be a fabulous and exotic array of live music, food, fabrics, clothing, hand-made items, raffles, kids’ fun, auctions, and wine.

Entry is $10 and bookings are at where you can also donate if you can’t come that day. 

How else can you help?

Email me at  if you can do any of these.

  • Donate beautiful/exotic items for the day.

  • Donate bottle/s of wine for the wine wall

  • Tell your family and friends and encourage them to come along

  • Volunteer to help on the day (for a couple of hours or more)

We can’t wait to welcome Jamila and her 5 daughters to Adelaide to be part of our community.

Janet xxx

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